What is the cancellation policy?

All purchases are final. We are not able to offer any refunds, transfers, or rollovers for any reason.

Will the event be cancelled if weather is inclement?

The event is sanctioned by Triathlon BC and follows standard protocols for ITU racing. On-site commissaries from TriBC, along with the Race Director, will determine if weather may adversely impact the safety of the event and make appropriate changes if necessary. The event is early in the season and mountain weather in Whistler may be unpredictable. Racers are encouraged to prepare for cold weather and precipitation. Lake temperatures will be measured on race day and a determination will be made should temperature be below safe swimming standards, in which case the swim may be shortened (or cancelled, though that is extremely unlikely). 

Is the event a qualifier for anything?

Yes! The Whistler X Triathlon is now a qualifier for the 2022 ITU Cross World Championships in Townsville, Australia. 

Do I need the Tri BC Insurance?

Yes, if you are not a member of Triathlon BC then you will need to purchase the single-day Tri BC insurance with your race registration. Please note that while the Whistler X Tri is insured through Tri BC, the Whistler Triathlon Club is not, so even if you are a club member you’ll need some form of Tri BC insurance for race day.

How will the awards work?

Awards will be based upon Sport and Championship distances in your respective age group. There are also awards for the relays.

What do I get in my race package?

We are still finalizing the race package contents for 2021, but they will definitely include a custom Whistler X Tri swim cap. Last year’s package also included custom Whistler X Tri socks (by Endur) and a race commemoration. For information on where and when to collect your race package, please see the Race Info page.

Is there a bag drop for my extra gear?

No, but there will be adequate room around the official transition area (fence lines) for storage of non-essential gear bags. 

Is the swim a mass start?

The swim will be broken into 2 major waves, separated by ___ minutes (TBD). Wave 1 will be Championship distance swimmers (individual and relay) and Wave 2 will be Sport distance (individual and relay). We do not anticipate issues with a crowded swim. The start area beach is large and swim ‘lanes’ will provide lots of room for racers to spread out. Swimmers with less experience or anxiety may self-seed to the rear of each wave. We have plenty of water safety people out on the course.

How technical are the bike trails?

The bike course is a mix of gravel road, gravel double track, and traditional single track. All of the trails in the Lost Lake area (known as Zappa trails) are either designated Green or Blue. There are no Black trails in the bike course. All racers are encouraged to pre-ride the bike course prior to race day.

Will there be places to pass other racers?

There are 2 longer sections of gravel road at the beginning and middle which will provide great passing opportunities. For Championship distance, this will provide 4 good passing locations. Standard amateur sportsmanship conduct will be in effect for all other parts of the bike course. If a faster rider approaches you from behind and signals intent to pass, the rider in front should find a safe place to pull aside and let the faster rider by.

Can I ride a cyclocross or gravel bike for this event?

No. Traditional road handlebars are not permitted and tire width must be minimum 1.5”.

How technical is the run course?

The run course is a mix of gravel and decommissioned logging road, gravel double track, and traditional single track. The run course does contain some technical features, including the descent of the Green Lake Loop (decommissioned logging road) on the Championship route and final single track trails to finish (elevated slatted woodwork) (both Sport and Championship routes). This will make the run fun and challenging for all.

What are the rules for this event?

As a Triathlon BC sanctioned race the Whistler X Triathlon will adhere to official ITU rules, which can be found at https://www.triathlon.org/uploads/docs/itusport_competition-rules_2018.pdf.

Where can I park?

There is no parking at Lost Lake. Plan to park in one of the public parking lots (https://www.whistler.ca/services/transportation/parking) and walk or ride into the race area. Free bus service (#8 Lost Lake) from the village should be available for spectators (https://www.whistler.ca/services/transportation/transit). 

Where can I stay?

Need a roof over your head while you visit? Our friends at Whistler.com have you covered. Just click the button below and find accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Book Now!

Can I volunteer?

Absolutely. In fact we’d love you to. If you’ve ever participated in an event before, you’ll know that volunteers are the heart and soul of it all. Without them races simply do not happen. If you’re free June 13 or 14 to help volunteer, please complete the volunteer application. Your help is so appreciated!